Thursday, March 1, 2012

hello, yellow.

yellow is usually not my first pick. in my head it makes my skin tone yellowish. don't ask. but i thought this was a perfect outfit today because the weather is so nice out. 82 degrees!!!! summertime is here!

this weekend, hubs suggested we do something spontanous. if that's even possible - planning spontaneity. ironic i know. that's us. we always plan something but never really plan it. let's just say we moved down to florida in 3 weeks and that includes the time we found out the possibility. i mean we were planning on leaving ny without any plans. just a whole lot of faith in god and us. can't go wrong with that, right? now that i think about it, i've always been like that. moving to ny. getting married. having baby. quitting my job. returning to work. i think i'm on to something here because those are some of the best things i've done!

(shirt, skirt, tank: f21, necklace: jcrew, watch: mk, flats: gap)

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  1. hey i have the same f21 skirt! lol we're totally family haha.


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