Tuesday, February 22, 2011

day 18: diy necklace

jacket: ae, tank: gap, pants: express, flats: gap
remember this post where i mentioned that i made a flower necklace inspired by the denim bag i made? well i finally managed not forget taking a pic and here it is!
so easy! all you need is some scrap fabric and chain.
fold the fabric lengthwise and do a basic hem. make sure you leave the threads loose on both sides and pull to gather fabric (like a ruffle). form a flower and sew as you go to set the shape of the flower. i used a paper fastener for the center and to attach to the chain. and that's all there is to it! don't mind my dora scissors - i mean sophie's scissors.

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  1. I like this necklace. It's so simple but it makes a statement. Perhaps I'll try making one myself.

    Denim is my favorite material. So, just about anything done in denim will get a thumbs up from me.


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