Sunday, April 17, 2011

5 things.

1. yes i know my hair is really flat in the pic. like f-l-a-t.
2. it's a week and a half since we announced our big move to south florida. and oh how i wish i had a big talk bubble or a ticker on top of my head that says:
"yes, i know i'm so excited!!! it's like an adventure! i just can't wait to be there already."
"almost, i think i need a break. i've been packing pretty much the whole house by myself because jay's still working."
"friday was his last day at webmd"
yes i've been saying those ever since and in that order too.  it's amazing how everyone asks the same things in the same way. "so are you ready for miami?" followed by "so are you all packed and ready to go?" and then "oh he's still working?"
so i am sorry if i don't sound excited. i'm just tired of repeating myself. just for the record i am really excited!!!
3. facts: jay loves v-necks and for church he pairs it with a blazer. jay's real name is danilo.
funny: last week this guy at church told jay "wow, you're wearing v-neck and a blazer, it's so miami vice" and today the same guy said "wow, v-neck and blazer again, you're really turning into "dan" johnson" ahahah.
4. awkward moment: taking pix of my self making funny faces - not really but they all look funny to me. and leaving them on my ipad for everyone to see. like seriously? this is the third time!! i'm not even over the first one.
5. when i began packing stuff, i started with the essential stuff. when i started to go through all out other stuff that's when i started getting stressed out. i have a hard time throwing away stuff. they're memories! i get emotional. so before it goes into the garbage, i take a pic. is that wierd?!?

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