Thursday, June 23, 2011

a&a thursday.

- saying goodbye to sister and trying to hold my tears in the car which made me laugh like a wierdo out of nowhere.
- for some reason after swimming, my hearing all of a sudden becomes impaired so i unconsciously talk really loud. we had some hotdogs after swimming and was telling sophie "this is the best hotdog ever" for everyone to hear! so embarrassing! 
- i'm really behind with my 30 for 30 post.
- old couple at the beach were so fond of sophie that they decided to turn their beach chairs toward us. we had our very own audience. awkward.
- sometimes i feel the pressure of having our second child and is it just me or is everyone all of a sudden preggers or giving birth.
- carrying a slurpee, a bag of churros, and and a crying toddler (she's got a boo boo) through a huge empty parking lot at 10 am. and i mean huge parking lot! i took the car for maintenance and discovered that there's a mall nearby, so decided to just walk. bad idea. that's what strollers are for. not to mention, very sunny and windy day. when i got back to the shop, my hair was all over the place so is the cinnamon sugar from the churros.

- miami beach - seriously. it's the best! i haven't felt that way in a long time. it's like a long lost love. i can honestly spend the whole day at the beach everyday. (if i wasn't too concerned about sun burn)
- 3 whole days with my sis!
- chatting with a high school friend, stan, who's getting married this saturday
- staying up late with jay watching dvds and eating bagel with pb and sugar
- finally got my new ss card! woohoo! 

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