Monday, August 8, 2011

summer uniform.

so this whole summer i've been living off denim cutoffs. i've cut 5 jeans in the last 2 months including one from my hubby. surprisingly j's jeans are tight high waisted on me. anyway, i am loving the look of a dressy sheer top paired with rugged cutoffs. i also love the fact that i got both of my tops for $7 each at ny&co. woohoo!
at the gelato caffe made famous by the jersey shore. obligatory fist pump were made. and the tiramisu gelato is to die for!


  1. what do u mean u need to lose weight? u look great already!! you should really post more DIY entries. They’re so helpful. Wish i was as creative as you are :-)

  2. You look great! I love those tops, as well as, NY & Co. Whadda steal. Been meaning to cut off some old jeans, as well, because I have no denim shorts. Thanks for the inspiration!
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