Monday, August 8, 2011

late awkward & awesome in pictures.

- my accidental funny faces in candid shots
i'm pretty sure i was singing here. yep, that's my singing face
this one is the best! eeeeeeee!
at a cuban resto, probably eying the leche flan
my mmmm-it's-so-good-(that's what she said) face lol
this is probably my most common one. this is my heyyyyy-you-guys (goonies voice, yes i meant sloth fratelli)
- went sight seeing with my nephews in miami. while waiting for the light at an intersection, they spotted an orange lamborghini, which apparently is a very cool car. since i had my slr, i was obligated to take the photo which was a fail btw. i mean there was no way of doing this discretely but i took the shot anyway. and of course right after the camera clicks, the traffic light turned red and the car stopped right next to us. so for a good 3 minutes, we were standing at the intersection, next to the lamborghini, laughing like crazy people, facing the other way.  
can't really see it but it's that teenie tiny orange one
- first job interview after 11 years which went very well. or so i thought, nope i didn't get the job. aside from my ego being hurt, i'm still holding my head up high. i seriously feel it's their loss even though i have no experience in the field and really am not qualified for the position. ahahaha. note to self: next time they ask me why they should hire me, i should say because that's the only way you'll find out what i can do for the company instead of all the bs.
- refusing a really good deal on a phone case just because it's a basic blac. so i like colors!
- having a panic attack at a verizon store because i had to say bye bye to my ny number. i'm now a 786 girl. wattttt!
- sales person randomly saying "dirty bit" in the middle of conversation because the black eyed peas song is playing. wierd.
- while at spencer's (you know the store that sells pretty much everything party related), sophie got out of the stroller and grabbed the closest thing to her which is a bachelorette party straw that is shaped like a.... anyway my first instinct was to grab her - i don't know why- because she always makes a run for it. so there's my daughter running around the store, straw in hand, saying "mommy, i want this". great.

- my new oversized mk watch esp. with friendship bracelets
- my new iphone 4 and word with friends app! i'm addicted.
- my new turquoise colander - finally! it's been on my wishlist since christmas.
- more family in town for vacay!
left to right: me, jay, sophie, angel, cristobal, ramj, shirley, ken and matthew. this is us in south beach, stuck in a hat store because of a thunder storm. had no choice folks but to brave the pouring and i mean pouring rain
rb & richard looking cool as usual
- finally being able to use my bargain shopping skills for a friend. seriously: 2 rayban wayferer, kate spade clutch and bag, kenneth cole leather messenger bag and wedge, the sak bag, 2 haviannas, bcbg shoes and leather bag - all for $505.85
- finally seeling ny house! goodbye to paying a $3,500 mortgage on an empty house! official house hunting in effect! booyah!
- shark week oh my! and premier of curiosity on discovery. love everything outer-space and physics! and time traveling. and einstein. last night's episode was mind blowing!

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  1. I enjoy learning a little more about you! The story about your daughter and the bachelorette straw totally cracks me up! oh dear. Congrats on selling your NY house, what a weight lifted off your shoulders!


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